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Express Yourself Modisound Style!

Diplo has risen in fame these last years. And no wonder, his style is unique, grotesque almost. If you’re familiar with Diplo’s Express Yourself, well you know what I talk about. The video isn’t anything you’d show your mother (I did tho =D…). It’s raw and it’ll just scare the old geezers. Well it’s about to change…

Mark from Modisound had a nice little chat with me and I got to hear some exclusive stuff they’ve been up to. And yes, a tropical disco mix of Diplo’s Express Yourself is exactly what they did. It’s sooooo wrong but at the same time so right. LISTEN TO IT!

Not Your Fault (Modisound Remix)

Holy shit on a stick, remember when I posted a bunch of tunes from guys on Reddit submitted to me? A duo which really stood out was Modisound, their funky style just was too epic to handle. Mark (one of the guys) just hit me up with their newest tune, it’s part of a remix competition so be sure to show them some love. Love the gritty sound on their synths, it fits perfectly with the vocals, it gives it a slightly upbeat but strong feeling to the song. You just have to love the punchiness!

Funk on!

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