Megapost Vol.2

Okay now since it has been a while since my last post, I figured I should do a small post compiled with some tracks that were sent to my inbox lately. Being the lazy ass as ¬†always, I haven’t posted these earlier but that’s okay, since bangers don’t get old!

First tune, F.O.O.L uploaded this yesterday on SoundCloud and it’s a free download! It’s a darkish with some murky electro bass lines. You know Rasmus, never fails to deliver!

F.O.O.L – Fortune (Original Mix)

DSKOTEK is a fella I haven’t featured here before which is actually a bit sad, since he’s really great. This newest tune has it’s influences from this guy we all love. Listen to it, and if you didn’t figure it out already, Skrillex. Epic song!

DSKOTEK – Mega Man (Original Mix)

NEUS made a remix for StereoHeroes’ Long Shot remix contest. For some reason I don’t know, he’s giving it out free which is kinda cool. Wish Blatta and Inesha would’ve done the same, love their remix too.

StereoHeroes – Long Shot (NEUS Remix)

Never been a fan of Jamiroquai (this is how it’s written ‘aight?) but IKKI made a sweet banger out of his Supersonic. Definitely a tune you should download!

Jamiroquai – Supersonic (IKKI Remix)

Last but not least, some guy named SlashAsterik sent me a dubstep/electro tune and it was actually kinda cool after the first couple of listens. Be sure to check out his SoundCloud for more downloads!

SlashAsterik – Say What You Say




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  • Great post! Even better pic + music… Love <3

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