Full Throttle

Full Throttle

Full Throttle

Sorry bout the small hiatus guys, the peeps behind the scene had some other stuff to do but that doesn’t mean anything more, cause we’re back to stay!

Do you guys remember the Acid Wolfpack song, Coyote Kisses I blogged a long time ago? Well my mate Lumadroid made a tune that’s somewhat similar to it, aka. quite the banging and melodic dubstep tune.

Czech it out!

New Estate


I’ve been eagerly anticipating this EP for a long time, and boy has it been worth it. Since the actual release of It’s You, and the short EP teaser posted recently, it’s been a contender for one of my most hyped releases for this summer.

The Beta+ EP is an eclectic collection of excellent electronic compositions. It’s completely free as well, so there’s no reason you shouldn’t give it a listen.


We here at @STDblog are huge fans of names like Lindstrøm and Hemingway, especially the latter. Well, what do you guys think that happens when the two collide? Pure. Solid. Gold, I tell ya.

Earlier today, Hemingway aka. James Harris, the Canadian yacht house prodigy released his remix of Lindstrøm’s Vōs-Sākō-Rv (impossible to spell). 

Have a listen and grab the download later after it has had some mastering love. Anyways, you guys should be made aware of the fact that The Guy has also released an EP after a long while of silence, definitely worth the money so you should Czech it out here!

Here’s also the original song for good measure.

Ocean Drive

miami nights

Happy Canada Day, eh! These last few weeks have been slow for new music, so I figured I’d post a classic from one of my favourite Canadian artists.

Miami Nights 1984 is a synthpop effort hailing from Victoria, British Columbia, on the stellar Rosso Corsa Records label. Ocean Drive is a track best appreciated during a scorching summer day on a coastline highway, with the windows down and your best cheap sunglasses on.

You can buy the second Miami Nights 1984 album, Turbulencehere.